Instagram Ads

Why should you invest in Instagram?

Instagram is the perfect showroom to use for various aspects of your business, probably more than you think.

  • 57 % of Norwegians is on Instagram

  • Most engaging audience by SoMe platforms

  • Exploring the undervalued asset of engaging story ads
dmp nordic analyse arbeid med digital markedsføring på pc nærbilde

Why should you invest in us?

We test, attract, engage, convert, analyze, and repeat!
(That’s the name of the game!)

On average, we have delivered a 167% higher Click-Trough-Rate with Facebook and Instagram Ads measured against the industry average of our customers.

And on another note: This platform is a part of our childhood. Applying the technical skills acquired above the experience on how to engage with the audience.

Sneak peak in our way of doing.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Everything must be adapted to any strategy for brand communication.

However, there has been mention of a more technical winning recipe which is a foundation in our practice. (Tested by industry experts with north of a hundred million dollars in ad spend.)

1. Pattern interrupt [Click-Trough-Rate (CTR)]
2. Structure of targeting. (Relevance)
Use data organized and systematized. (Relevance)
3. Action-based re-advertising for any exposure (Offer)

Return on advertising dollars = (CTR) x (Relevance Score) x (Offer)

TESTING TESTING TESTING with the 40x rule. It will test up to 40 different varieties of ads to find 3-4 winners.

Does that sound a little bit excessive?
Yes, maybe. But, laziness is not profitable.


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