Google Ads

Why invest in Google Ads?

The answer is simple: Be found when people are searching for what you offer.

An applicant is several steps out in the buying process.
If the discovery is satisfactory according to the initial needs that they seek to cover, the road to conversion is short.

Use Google ads tactically and strategically to gain the market share you deserve!

Statistics show that the first ten results get 89.71% of the traffic on Google search.
Best place to hide a body? The second page of Google.

hjelp med google ads - mann som søker på google med pc
dmp nordic analyse arbeid med digital markedsføring på pc nærbilde

Why should you invest in us?

On average, we have produced an 83% cost-per-click savings with Google ads compared to the industry average for our customers.

Our expertise, approach, and structure are the industry-leading way of practice and purchased directly from AdVenturePPC with, among others, Forbes on its client sheet.

We are thorough. Through analyzes and continuous follow-up of data, it is our mission to achieve the best results for you on the world’s largest search engine.

Passion for the game, passion for the platform, and passion for the value of discovery.

Sneak peak in our way of doing.

With millions of searches every day, it is essential to be highly visible on Google and hit the right keywords.

Industry analysis + psychological action analysis + keyword analysis

What are the factors behind successful advertising on Google?

Overall: Max. Bid per Click X [(Quality Score x 0.8) +
(Ad Extensions x0.2)]

What is an indication of Quality Score?

(CTR x 0.65) x (Keyword Relevance x 0,25)
x (Landing Page Score x 0,10)


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